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True Comfort Chairs provide luxury health & wellness massage chairs to businesses that want to promote health and build wealth. Our chairs are successfully used in Shopping Malls, Beauty Salons, Nail Boutiques, Casinos, Country Clubs, Health and Fitness Centers, Car Washes, Airports, Hotels and more.



Our Health and Wellness Massage Chairs provide a relaxing massage that can help reduce stress and pain. The chair will also add a consistent revenue stream for you, creating wealth. Our chairs are available for Purchase or a business can opt to "share revenue" with us by providing a space for our chairs to be featured. Either way, your guests will receive a professional-like massage to reduce stress, tension, stiffness, cramping and more.


Professional Massage


-Backrest reclines in 5 different angles

-Airbags stimulate the seat & lower legs

-Accepts credit card or cash

-Heavy duty construction

-Plugs into standard outlet

-No investment, easy to get started

-Financing is available through FirstLease when purchasing 2 or more chairs.

Contact Us

PO Box 189 - Plymouth, IN, USA


Extension 2

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chair left.png
Location Agreement
Fun Coin LLC
PO Box 189
Plymouth, IN 46563
844-438-6264 Ext 2
chair right.png

Business Name

Address where equipment is to be placed

Contact Person

Location Owner

Payment to location

1. Initial term of this Agreement is 36 Months, which term shall be automatically extended an additional term of 24 months, unless location owner gives notice to equipment owner no later than sixty (60) days prior to the end of the initial 36 months of the term. Location agrees to have no other LIKE vending equipment on site for the length of this Agreement that Fun Coin LLC operates. If the location wishes to have additional LIKE equipment, the contact person must submit a written request to Fun Coin LLC before allowing a third party to operate new equipment in this location.
2. Owner of equipment retains title to equipment and inventory.
3. Location will contact owner of equipment at 844-438-6264 for service or problems with the equipment.
4. Owner of equipment has the right to cancel this agreement with seven (7) days verbal notice, if owner deems the location is not providing sufficient funds per day as to make the location profitable to his business.
5. Owner shall install equipment within one (1) month period of time from date location is under contract.
6. The location owner, while not held liable of damage to machine(s), agrees to use reasonable effort to protect the machine(s) from extended damage.
7. If owners of this location moves or opens additional locations, this agreement is also valid concerning those locations.
8. If location owner sells this business, the now owner must honor this agreement for the duration.


Type of Equipment to be installed

Date of Installation

Equipment Owner: Fun Coin LLC, DBA True Comfort Chairs

Sales Representative: Wayne Stockman

Date of Agreement

Thanks for applying for our Revenue Share program! We'll get back to you soon.

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