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Do people use public massage chairs?

Yes, people often use public massage chairs. True Comfort Chairs are commonly found in places like shopping malls, airports, fitness centers, and relaxation lounges. They are designed to provide a quick and convenient massage experience for individuals in public spaces.

The appeal of public massage chairs lies in their accessibility and the opportunity for people to enjoy a brief relaxation or stress relief session while they are out and about. Users swipe their credit card to activate the massage chair for a predetermined amount of time. The chairs offer different massage settings and intensities to cater to individual preferences.

True Comfort Massage Chairs can be a popular choice for individuals looking to unwind during a shopping trip, layover at an airport, or after a workout at a fitness center. While the quality of these massages may not be as comprehensive as those provided by professional massage therapists, they offer a convenient and affordable option for a quick massage on the go.

True Comfort Chairs offers revenue sharing for you and your business. Simply let us put one of our chairs in your unused space and we will share the profit with you!

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