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Why put a Massage Chair in your Business?

True Comfort Chairs offers revenue sharing!

Putting a massage chair in your business can have several benefits:

  1. Revenue Sharing: True Comfort Chairs will provide the chair and do all of the work. You provide the space, we provide the chair. We both share the revenue created.

  2. Customer Experience: A massage chair can enhance the overall customer experience. It provides a sense of comfort and relaxation, which can leave a positive impression on your visitors or customers.

  3. Waiting Area Comfort: In settings where people often have to wait, such as medical offices, car dealerships, or service centers, a massage chair can make the wait more enjoyable and help reduce perceived wait times.

  4. Stress Reduction: Offering a massage chair can help people unwind and reduce stress. It can be particularly beneficial in environments where customers or visitors may be feeling tense or anxious.

  5. Brand Image: Providing a massage chair can enhance your brand's image by showing that you care about your customers' or visitors' well-being and comfort.

  6. Attract and Retain Customers: A massage chair can be a unique selling point that attracts more customers or retains existing ones, especially in highly competitive markets.

  7. Promotion and Marketing: You can use the presence of a massage chair as a marketing tool. Highlight it in your promotional materials and social media to attract more attention and increase foot traffic.

  8. Distract and Entertain: In addition to its relaxing qualities, a massage chair can also be a form of entertainment, keeping people engaged and content while they wait.

  9. Health and Wellness: If you are a health and wellness center, gym, or spa, having a massage chair in the lobby aligns with your services and can encourage visitors to consider related treatments or memberships.

  10. Employee Morale: If the lobby is used by employees, a massage chair can boost their morale and help them relax during breaks, potentially improving their well-being and productivity.

  11. Customer Loyalty: Providing a unique amenity like a massage chair can build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits or business from satisfied customers.

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True Comfort Chairs PO Box 189 Plymouth, IN 46563

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